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The Redevco Foundation – a sustainability programme

For over a decade we have been building a strong programme to improve the environmental performance of our assets under management as well as our own business operations. This eventually evolved into our Mission 2040.

We continue to believe that our approach to corporate responsibility includes leading by example and showing the industry what is possible. We do this through ambitious projects in our own portfolio and communicating transparently about lessons learned. In the past few years, we have also had the opportunity to support projects and industry initiatives through the Redevco Foundation that were specifically intended to support sustainability initiatives within the wider real estate sector. These initiatives were screened for their potential for high, sector-wide impact, and many would not have happened without funding from the Redevco Foundation. Their purpose was also to increase the understanding of and the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon and circular built environment, and accelerate progress towards achieving these goals.

In 2020, with the choice to pivot the Redevco Foundation to focus exclusively on employee-proposed philanthropy through the All Good program, the funding for these specific sustainability-related projects is no longer available. However, these initiatives have been passed to Laudes Foundation, a private philanthropic endeavour of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise which launched in early 2020 and stands alongside the COFRA businesses.

In the built environment, Laudes Foundation convenes and supports industry changemakers to accelerate collaboration and innovation towards net-zero carbon buildings that tackle wellbeing, inequality, whole-life carbon and circularity in equal measure. Laudes Foundation also supports the acceleration of the uptake of sustainable wood and bio-based materials in construction.*

Redevco Foundation projects that were still running in 2020 include those from our partners UKGBC, DGBC, Ecomatters, DENEFF, and BPIE.

* Source: Laudes Foundation website

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