From purpose to impact

Cities of the future must make a positive contribution to the health & well-being of both people and planet, this is what we envision. This requires us to step up our game and make bold decisions. To move from purpose to impact, we introduced a new mission statement in 2022: “to lead the transformation of cities to ensure they are sustainable and liveable”.

With the support of an agency, we organised a series of brand positioning workshops during which our management team revisited and started sharpening Redevco’s brand and value proposition in light of our vision and in the context of the mission of our holding company: To amaze customers and be a force for good. Based on the management team’s findings and thinking, we drafted a new mission statement and narrative together, providing clarity about our ambition and guidance in our decisions and actions.

To introduce our new narrative and mission statement to the rest of the organisation we organised ‘roadshows’. The Redevco Board visited each of the offices and, in small groups allowing interaction, started the conversation on how we as Redevco employees can each do our bit to fulfil our mission.

Reflected in our strategy

How can we create a sustainable future for cities where people want to live, work, shop and play? Luckily, it is already reflected in our current strategy, most notably in our investment themes. We are investing and managing real estate investment portfolios in dynamic urban locations and target:

  1. existing retail stock to repurpose to mixed-use.
  2. retail warehouse parks which we believe offer huge potential to create sustainable hubs for the future.
  3. residential assets, predominantly new build that offer sustainable, inclusive and affordable homes in a market with a huge shortage of housing.
  4. locations that enable us to create vibrant leisure & hospitality and thus contribute to dynamic areas in the city.

Engaging with our external stakeholders

We are now slowly but surely also introducing our new mission statement externally to clearly state what Redevco wants to achieve together with its stakeholders in the industry. The journey starts internally but we are well aware that we can only bring positive change and create real impact if we collaborate as industry players and join forces. It is ultimately up to all of us – to make a difference and that is why we continue to ask everyone how they can contribute.

“It is ultimately up to all of us - to make a difference and that is why we continue to ask everyone how they can contribute.”

Priscilla Tomasoa

Head of Corporate Communications

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