Security: It all starts with you!

Information security is one of Redevco’s top priorities as a potential cyberattack can have enormous cost and business implications for our organisation. In 2021, Redevco again implemented various organisational, procedural and technical security measures aimed at continuously improving our information security.

The most important factor, though, is employee awareness of information security risks and how to handle them. Given this, we dedicated considerable time to making our colleagues aware of potential risks, updating them about the latest security threats and educating them on how to prevent incidents.

Security campaign

To facilitate a secure mindset and behaviour, we have created a dedicated Information Security page on our Intranet. This ensures that our employees can easily find the information security procedures and policies in place at Redevco.

We also organised various activities to keep everyone in the organisation fully alert. These included events like a live hacking demo, where we demonstrated in real time how a hacker can get into someone’s system, and a dedicated all-company call on security. In September 2021, we launched monthly security awareness trainings consisting of a two- to three-minute video followed by a question and Redevco-specific advice. In addition, we encouraged all employees to complete a training in a game format called ‘Are You Secure?’. The game presents fifteen multiple choice questions that are repeated until the participant answers all the questions correctly in one go.


“Our employees play an important role in keeping Redevco secure, hence the slogan of our security campaign – Security: It all starts with you!”

Dave Erents

Information Security Manager

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