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Redevco, part of COFRA Holding AG, is a pan-European real estate urban regeneration specialist* with a clear ambition to create positive impact through the real estate it manages. On behalf of its clients, Redevco invests in properties with a view to developing future-proof buildings in dynamic urban locations in order to lead the transformation of cities to ensure they are sustainable and liveable.

Our specialist investment strategies, local real estate knowledge and the scale of our pan-European platform enable us to create value for both our investor clients and occupiers. Our highly experienced professionals purchase, develop, let and manage properties, ensuring that the portfolios optimally reflect the needs of our clients. We believe in long-term investments where quality and sustainability are key. We currently manage a portfolio of 356 assets across 12 countries (February 28, 2022: 262). These properties comprise around 4.5 million m2 of space, represent around 4,000 tenancies and are worth €9.7 billion** on December 31st, 2022 (February 28, 2022: €6.7 billion2). In 2022 our financial book year changed and covers only the period from March 1st, 2022 until December 31st, 2022.

*Redevco is not licensed or registered in the EEA for the provision of regulated portfolio management services.
**Redevco acquired a majority stake in redos, a Hamburg-based large-scale retail and urban logistics property investment specialist, in April 2022.


Portfolio development

What we do

Our team of 258 professionals across seven offices in Europe provides clients with a full range of real estate investment management services, including strategy creation, acquisitions, rent and lease management, maintenance and development and divestments. We create value by finding and effectively managing the best properties in the most attractive urban locations. We use our thorough understanding of the real estate sector as well as research to build solid investment strategies focused on repurposing existing monofunctional assets into mixed-use, building sustainable and affordable homes, creating leisure and hospitality opportunities and modernising the retail warehouse parks landscape. We are harnessing our retail real estate experience to create vibrant and future-proof destinations in the urban realm.



“Our highly experienced professionals purchase, develop, let and manage properties, ensuring that the portfolios optimally reflect the needs of our clients.”

How we do it

There are three key drivers that propel our business. Firstly, we have deep-rooted local capabilities that allow our country teams to buy, develop, let and manage properties that are the best possible fit for our tenants. Secondly, we design and manage our specialist strategies to anticipate and respond to constantly changing occupier markets and customer needs. This approach helps us to find locations with the most relevant, sustainable and inspiring real estate, translating into solid returns for our investors. And finally, in the international real estate environment, Redevco’s scale and footprint enable us to leverage the collective knowledge of our network of expert transaction and asset management teams on the ground.

Our mission and beliefs

In 2022 Redevco reaffirmed its resolve to have a positive impact by adopting a new mission statement: To lead the transformation of cities to ensure they are sustainable and liveable. We use our knowledge, expertise and experience in the following four areas to help cities become more sustainable and liveable:
1. combatting climate change by reducing the environmental impact of the assets we manage as well as our own operation.
2. increasing the availability of sustainable and affordable housing.
3. making existing locations vibrant, dynamic, and sustainable.
4. accelerating to a more circular and regenerative economic model.

At Redevco we have a strategic focus on innovation, interpreting market trends and how we could respond to the – changing – needs of our customers. The pace of change in the market has been increasing significantly; not just because of the abundance of data that has become available and the exponential growth of technical solutions. But also because of the need to combat climate change. Marrit Laning, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer is responsible for both the innovation and sustainability department as we see a direct link between the two. Last year we set up an Innovation Board. The board is there to help us achieve our innovation targets in an efficient way and build a portfolio of innovations. The Innovation Board comprises our CEO, our CSIO, our Head of Innovation and the Head of Information Technology. The board members have agreed on an innovation agenda to bring focus to all the innovation ideas or developments that are out there.

How we govern

We have set up our organisational structure in a way that increases speed, agility and focus as a platform, while maintaining Redevco’s strengths in local markets through our country-based asset management and specialist teams across Europe. The four Redevco Board members oversee the different functional areas within the business, and each of these functions focuses on a particular part of the business as it prepares and implements Board and Management Team decisions in their respective areas of expertise. This structure helps to maintain clear responsibility and accountability for day-to-day operational management. The Management Team consists of the members of the Redevco Board, the Co-Heads of Client & Fund Management and the Head of Global Transaction Management. The Management Team reaches decisions collectively so that they can be properly and speedily implemented across all of Redevco’s activities.

Our committees

The Investment Committee, chaired by our CEO, makes all investment and divestment decisions. Its members include the CFO, the CSIO and the Head of Global Transactions, the Managing Directors of Transaction Management and the Managing Directors of Fund Management.

The purpose of the Information Security Committee (ISC) is to advise the Management Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with regard to Redevco’s information security programmes and risks. The ISC consists of the CFO, General Counsel, the Head of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, the Head of Information Technology and the Manager IT Infrastructure & Support.

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