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Case study: Energy and water consumption monitoring devices installed in our Belgian assets

By the end of 2020 all Belgian AuM had energy and water consumption monitoring devices installed. The program will continue in 2021, because the first phase of this program revealed that a lot of the existing energy and water meters in our AuM could not be read by the program.


  • 1465 individual measurement devices for electricity, gas or water readings are already installed.
  • Huge savings of several tenant’s water consumption have already been realised and estimated savings run up to over 19.000 litres per night.
  • This resulted, undeniably, in positive impact on our retailer’s operational costs and Redevco’s carbon and water footprint.


It is important to engage with tenants at the very beginning of the project setup. It is also important to provide the service company with full details of all meters present in an asset.

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