Representing the voice of Redevco’s future

In the spirit of Diversity & Inclusion, Redevco established a NextGen Board in 2021. This allows the younger voice in our company to be heard, which will be instrumental in helping the company play its role in the transition that cities need to make.

The purpose of this board is to create a more inclusive culture, acknowledging the value of diversity and promoting openness. The members represent multiple functions from across our six offices, and they all bring unique perspectives, valuable expertise and new ideas to the table. Our NextGen Board is there to develop new ideas and to strengthen Redevco’s vision, mission, strategy and culture. The NextGen Board members, all young professionals, will be the voice of Redevco’s future.

Including the younger generation to shape the future

Being part of Redevco’s NextGen Board is a unique opportunity for our younger colleagues to learn and develop, and to work on important strategic topics that are crucial to the further evolution and future of our company. The main responsibilities of our NextGen Board are idea generation and innovation, advisory and delegated decision-making. The members help the Redevco Board assess new ideas and concepts and support them in thinking out of the box to create new perspectives.

Future of work and well-being

The pandemic has pushed companies and consumers to rapidly adopt new behaviours that are likely to stick. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had to change the way they organise their lives. Forced to work from home for a long time, people also started to see the benefits of the flexibility this gave in their lives. Since the start of 2022, the NextGen Board has been working on a Future of Work and Well-being Policy for Redevco. The big questions to answer are: How do we want to work together? What do we want that to look like? This is also one of the key questions for new generation workers, who have different expectations of their employers than previous generations.

“One of our goals is to work with our senior management, the Redevco Board in particular, to develop a more inclusive culture for the business in recognition of the value that diversity and openness bring for organisations such as ours.”

Emma Taylor

Chair of the NextGen Board

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