Redevco’s Inclusion, Diversity & Equality working group

In line with our values and our Business Integrity Principles (BIP) Redevco recognises the importance of inclusion, diversity and equality.

After the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Policy 2020, the topic is firmly embedded in our organisation with the launch of the RID&E Working Group (Redevco Inclusion, Diversity & Equality). The group was already established in 2021 but was rebranded at the end of 2022.

Governance of the RID&E working group

The group is governed by the Redevco Board approved Terms & Conditions and reports formally to the board each quarter. It has two board sponsors, two board-appointed co-chairs and is open to members from across Redevco’s platform. The group currently has 8 members from 3 country offices. The chairs/co- Redevco’s Inclusion, Diversity & Equality working group chairs make a minimum 2 year commitment to the role and members a minimum 1 year commitment.

In 2022 we celebrated Black History Month with a lunch and awareness article. Next to this one of the summer school learning session was on the topic of: How to be an ally? In this session we learned how to be an ally, or in other words how to help create an inclusive work environment. In addition, the RID&E group together with the NextGen board proposed the idea of swapping of public holidays so people from all religions can decide which days are important for them to take off.

Sarah Lulham & Chris Baker
Co-Chairs RID&E

Redevco established a NextGen Board in its efforts to promote an inclusive culture, to acknowledge the value of diversity and to harness talent. Please go to the NextGen board page on our website to find out more.

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