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Sustainable Investment Management Platform

Our internal operations have a significantly lower impact on the environment than our assets under management. However, we are looking for opportunities to further reduce emissions here too. Our platform’s CO2emissions come primarily from energy use in our seven offices, air travel, and emissions from company cars.

If we want to inspire our client investors and our tenants to invest in sustainability and green stores, we need to lead by example in our own operations and show our colleagues that every improvement counts. Therefore, we are continually looking for opportunities to further reduce emissions related to our platform. 43% of our offices already have green energy contracts and the solar panels on the roof of our Amsterdam office supply 96% of our total office energy consumption. We aim to have green contracts for all offices by 2025.

59% CO2 reduction in 2020

Our current emissions target was set at 2,700 kg CO2per employee by the end of 2020. This represents a 50% reduction compared to the 2009 baseline (see previous reports). We met this target in 2020: our performance last year was 1,196 kg CO2 per employee (2019: 3,074 kg CO2 per employee). Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role here – after the first ‘Travel Awareness Month’ in February 2020, we entered the first lockdown and an extended non-travel period that was still in force at the end of our 2020 business year.

Net Zero Carbon platform

In keeping with Mission 2040, we are working toward a Net Zero Carbon platform as well. In principle, we achieved this in 2019 already as we chose to compensate our 2018 footprint of 646 tonnes of CO2 by buying offset certificates from Gold Standard. Since 2020 we have a partnership with Land Life Company. Our emissions of 2019 of 537 tonnes of Co2 were offset by planting trees in the Northern region of Spain. As we move forward, we will continue our partnership with Land Life Company to offset CO2 emissions from our office operations (office emissions, air travel and company cars). Our 2020 emissions of 237 tonnes of CO2 will be offset during the summer of 2021. However, we see offsetting as a last resort. Our principal focus will be on reducing our footprint further. We assume that we will return to a more balanced way of working, where a certain amount of commuting and business travel will return. Making deliberate choices in that regard will of course influence our office operations footprint going forward.

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