Innovation is not a goal but a means

Innovation is a key enabler to fulfil our mission to contribute to liveable and sustainable cities. During our latest materiality assessment, the topic of Innovation made it into the top four most urgent topics.

Our stakeholders expect us to take a leading position in this transformation driver and accordingly, in February 2022, we appointed Elsbeth Quispel in the newly created role of Head of Innovation. The role was created to build our capabilities in using new technologies and developing innovative concepts to advance our mission, helping to transform cities into vibrant hubs where people want to live, work and play.

Innovation touches just about every aspect of our industry and for Redevco it is most relevant in the areas of ecology, technology and intelligence. We aim to use innovation to accelerate our growth strategy,
drive transformation and diversification, improve operational excellence and support our ESG ambition. The Strategy & Innovation team has undertaken a scan of the property technology landscape to identify
the most relevant technologies to drive our business forward. The analysis identified three areas of interest for Redevco:

Data & analytics

Data, or digital, is the largest technology type in property technology. Data is the fuel that allows many other technologies to function and provides the foundation for analytics, enabling predictive analytics,
location intelligence, IoT predictive maintenance and more.

Smart & sustainable buildings

Applying new (digital) technology is a critical tool to help the real estate industry become more sustainable. Its impact can be seen from initial design to well beyond construction. Think of BIM design, modular
construction methods, smart HVAC technology, building sensors and smart cameras.

Services & business models

Technology is supporting the creation of shared space platforms facilitated by services, tools and apps. For example: co-living, co-working, etc.

Other cases we’re proud of

You can find regular updates on projects we are proud of on our sustainability platform.

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