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Investment for a sustainable future

Our cities are transforming. They are becoming more digital and more sustainable, driven by shifting demographics and changes in people’s needs, habits, and priorities.

These changes can be felt in a variety of areas:

  • The transformation of retail space into multi-purpose locations.
  • The increasing importance of convenience retail in larger urban areas.
  • Changing demographics affecting the need for more residential buildings.
  • Larger populations requiring better mobility solutions.
  • The need to solve sustainability issues to make cities future-proof.

COVID-19 is now accelerating this transformation and has impacted every aspect of people’s lives in urban spaces. At Redevco, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable urban future that can positively contribute to the health and well-being of people and the planet. We can help cities become safe and vibrant environments for citizens and visitors. By making deliberate investment, asset management and redevelopment choices, we are convinced that we can make a contribution to SDG.

11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Several megatrends are likely to shape the future development of our cities over the next decades. Urbanisation and changes to the demographic structure of populations – especially aging and a rise in single person households – could lead to a shortage of (certain types of) housing. The growth of the experience economy and e-commerce should offer opportunities for curated mixed-use concepts in inner-city locations. An increase in remote working – together with the desire to live and work in vibrant hubs – is likely to reduce the demand for traditional office space.

And finally, sustainability and technological innovations should become an integral part of the future of our cities.

Redevco’s extensive internal and external research maps the impact of these growing trends on the future of cities and real estate. The results are summarised in the ‘City of the Future’ framework, which highlights various urban elements where Redevco foresees accelerated growth and opportunity. City centres will continue to evolve to match our needs, and their role within society will remain important as geographical centres for people to live, work, play and shop.In anticipation of and as a result of these trends and developments, Redevco decided a few years ago already to diversify beyond retail. Repurposing our existing retail assets into dynamic, mixed-use assets provides a solution to these trends and developments.

“We fundamentally believe in cities. Throughout our history, the urban environment has been the connecting factor, where we always have and will continue to focus our activities.”

Stefan Janssen

Research & Strategy Manager

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