Giving back to our communities

In line with our new mission statement – to lead the transformation of cities to ensure they are sustainable and liveable – we believe that businesses have a broader responsibility to the communities in which they operate.

Our colleagues are encouraged to give back to society in a way that is meaningful to them through employee philanthropy, funded by the Redevco Foundation, and by giving them one volunteering
day per year.

A positive impact on local communities
All Good, our group-wide employee philanthropy programme offers our colleagues the opportunity to play an active role in proposing charities in a number of categories (see below), preferably in the cities in which we operate. Through an online platform, Benevity, our colleagues can propose and support charities of their choice. All of the initiatives have a positive societal, environmental and/or cultural impact. All colleagues are invited to join the All Good programme and around 75% of our colleagues have joined the platform so far. Employees can also use donation credits that they earn by taking part in activities such as our ‘step challenges’ and our yearly Christmas campaign.

The Redevco Foundation

Our local and central teams are provided with an annual budget to support projects and initiatives in three categories:
1. Improving the lives and living environment of the less privileged.
2. Environmental sustainability.
3. Historic and cultural heritage.

In 2022, over 40 different charitable organisations in these categories received ca. €1.15 million in total through grants selected by our teams, and through donation credits and matching grants to a range of other charities proposed by our colleagues. The Foundation offers us in some cases the possibility to respond to disasters or other crises. Early 2022 we felt a need in the organisation to support Ukrainian refugees. Therefore teams were encouraged to identify a local charity that specialises in helping with refugees once those refugees arrive in their countries.

In 2022, over 40 different charitable organisations received ca. €1.15 million in total through grants selected by our teams

Volunteering day

Our colleagues are also encouraged to give back to society by spending one working day a year volunteering for a charity of their choice. Employees can volunteer either individually or in teams, and many view their volunteering days as a great way to combine doing good and team building. In 2022, 34% of employees used the opportunity to spend a day volunteering. This is not at the same level as before COVID-19 because the first months of 2022 we still had restrictions in force.

Our employees appreciate having a voice in deciding where the Redevco Foundation’s money is spent. They recognise the importance of serving society in a broader sense and are proud to be making a difference through targeted financial support and volunteer work.

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